Our philosophy

Wellexy Pharma & Healthcare believes that sustainability and growth of its business is directly related to the well-being and development of its stakeholders.

Our Mission

Wellexy Pharma & Healthcare is committed to create business environment and opportunities to ensure optimal gain to all stakeholders in healthcare sector.

Core Value

Wellexy Pharma & Healthcare adheres to a set of core values that guides every conversation, organisational decision and anchors all its actions. We, at Wellexy Pharma & Healthcare, in order to stay embedded to our core values, consistently revisit them while recalibrating our business strategy. Wellexy Pharma & Healthcare abides by following core values

  • Integrity
  • Passion for excellence
  • Participatory decision making
  • Fairness and transparency


Wellexy Pharma & Healthcare strives to become a trusted name in healthcare sector in domestic as well as global market with its quality products and best-of-breed services harnessing scientific knowledge and evolving technologies.

Performance Drivers

To achieve its Mission and Vision, Wellexy Pharma & Healthcare has identified following key Performance Drivers

  • Ensuring that our products and services meet agreed requirements of our customers.
  • Consistently monitoring, benchmarking and improving our business, products and services.
  • Regularly enhancing capabilities of the Organisation and employees' performance.
  • Creating a conducive environment for sustaining and developing business growth and Intellectual Property.
  • Encouraging technology driven innovative solutions to meet stakeholders' requirements and goals of the Organisation.

Open Hours

Mon-Sat : 10.00 AM - 19:30 PM

Sunday: Closed